You can rent a vehicle for a specified period (1-8 passengers per vehicle) to go for a trip wherever you like at Crete.

The lease may be for few hours of for a one day trip. We suggest you some trips which are described and can change according to your desires. Trust cretantaxiservice and discover the incredible treasure full of interest of the Cretan Paradise.


Starting from the Renaissance city of Rethymno with its graphic port, the venetians monuments, the graphic streets of the old city and the exceptional sandy beach that lies in front of it, we go to the most historical monastery of Crete, and one of the most historical monasteries of Greece, the monastery of Arkadi which dates from the 5th century. At this place in 1866, 964 Cretans of whom 325 was only men and the rest was women and children, they dared to resist at 15.000 Turks who besieged them using 30 cannons.

The denial of Cretans to surrender had as result the pernicious and unequal battle that followed. After the Turks entered to the precinct of the monastery exhausted and curtained for the captivity of Cretans, Kostis Giampoudakis with other Cretans comrades and women and children they barricaded to the powder magazine. The explosion of the barrels full of gunpowder by K. Giampoudakis so that they don’t be captured by the enemy, provoked the explosion of all the powder magazine, the distraction of the monastery and the death of many Greeks and Turks. Arcadi is characterized by UNESCO as European Monument of Freedom.

We continue our trip to the picturesque village of Margarites in which the residents create amazing ceramics exactly like the Minoans did 5.000 years before…

At the next village, Aggeliana we are going to visit a laboratory of production of Cretan and traditional soap and natural cosmetics using olive oil, herbs and natural raw of our land.

At the beautiful village of Melidoni you’re going to have the opportunity to watch the production process of our famous olive oil, at the Cretan olive press and drink a raki (Cretan drink) at the picturesque cafes. After that you can visit the historical and breathtaking natural beauty cave of “Gerontospilios” at the foot of Mount Ida (Psiloritis) with its various halls and the stalactites and stalagmites which offer at the visitor a magical spectacle…


Cnossos is one of the most important sites seeing of Crete, with archeological interest and one of the most important of all Europe, which dominate at the center of the island!

The palace, building itself is 20.000 m2 with the Labyrinth of the famous king Minos which is connected with exciting myths which impress all the visitors!

The colored mortar, the variety of the building materials, the incredible architectures and structural features, the amazing murals, the complex drainage and irrigation, the development of pottery, ceramics, metalwork, lithography and many others prove the high technical and artistic knowledge of Minoans. They also confirm the existence of civilization at the Crete 5.000 years before, while there are traces of habitation of people who lived 9.000 years before!

We stay here as long as you need to go back in time, between History and Mythology and we continue with the archeological museum of Heraklion. Here, a number of findings of the palace of exceptional art are exposed. For example vessels, utensils, figurines, jewelry, and Linear B tablets but also the original wall murals…

We continue to the village of Fodele which is in the middle of a green valley, of orangeries which is crossed by the “Pantomatris” River. Fodele, with its great churches is known thanks to the famous painter Dominicus Theotokopoulos, known as El Greco..



 We start our excursion with the city of Chania to the northwestern part of the island. The city is built at the ruins of the ancient town of Kydonies. This beautiful city preserves its local authentic colors although the rise of the number of tourists.

The Public Market has a main position, a glorious vehicle cross-shaped made in 1913 similar to that at Massalia.

More closer to the center the Public Garden is waiting for you. You can find a small zoo, with animals of the Cretan fauna and the Park of Peace and Friendship of Nations.

The Venetian port, very picturesque, attracts any time and any season many visitors and locals both for the market as for the choices of entertainment.

The neighbors of the ancient city conserve the Venetian nobility. The straits paved streets are surrounded by restored houses of different time offering a pleasant walk…

Very close to Chania there is Akrotiri which offer to the visitor the opportunity to see great caves, historical monasteries, and beautiful beaches… The choice is yours!

Going back we can drink our coffee near by the lake of Kournas, the only natural lake of Crete and enjoy the amazing sandy beach of Georgioupolis.



Crossing inside Crete and moving to the south of the island, our first stop is the traditional village of Spili. Here there is a characteristic square with high perennial plane trees and a fountain with 25 taps with the form of a lion from the mouth of which there is flowing water.

Passing from the impressive Gorge of Kourtaliotis we arrive to the historical and glorious monastery of Preveli, which name is Saint John Theologos. The monastery was always at the center of the wars to the liberation of the island helping with many ways at the Cretan Liberation. Is has been destroyed many times and by many conquerors.

Next stop, the village of Plakias, in which we can eat fresh fish at the one of the taverns.

We continue our trip going southwest to a magnificent alternation between gorges and beaches so that we arrive to the famous beach of Fragkokastelo with the shallow of the Libyan Sea and the homonymous Venetian fortress.

Next stop at the city of Sfakia, an inaccessible near by the sea village surrounded by the precipitous hillsides of White Mountains (Lefka Ori).

Goin un to the north part of the island the route fascinate us offering a view to the Libyan Sea passing through characteristic villages with authentic people.

At the end of the trip you’re going to complete a cycle of unrepeatable experience full of Crete!